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We established Handy Johnny in 2022 and want to offer our brilliant handyman service to those who need to sit back and relax while experts deal with the little or big things around the property! We’ll make everything perfect – we cater to properties around the Hayward, CA area, so don’t hesitate the get much-needed help from a skilled team!

Have You Asked Yet 

Have you asked around for an exceptional handyman? Have you read what we’re about and how impeccably we do our job every time? If you want to know more about our process – ask! We’ll relay all the information and make sure you know our approach is serious, and we work without rest until you get exceptional results, so you don’t have to worry about the component anymore. We offer the kind of process you’ll appreciate and won’t leave behind a single thing incomplete!

Expert Handyman

Do You Value Perfection?

When you hire someone or a team to help you out around the house and get done all those things you don’t have time for – what do you expect from those people? Do you expect them to do a mediocre job and leave the work halfway done? Or do you expect the job to be done perfectly with precision and top quality? If you expect the latter, you’re in for a treat! You hire us, and we’ll show that perfect work conduct and exceptional results you want to see because we believe a handyman service should be exceptional!

Call Handy Johnny at (510) 721-4634 and request to work with a brilliant handyman in possession of all the skills and experience you’d want from someone taking care of various components around the house! If you live in and around the Hayward, CA area and are ready to throw your hands up and leave those components behind because they’re pressing down on your schedule too much – call our team so you don’t have to! We’ll offer the education, skills, and helping hands to make everything perfect!


  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Complete Remodeling
  • Partial Remodeling
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Flooring
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